Friday, September 7, 2018

7 Days of Solitude, Silence and Water Fast

i lately got here back from my own non-public silent retreat. Over the couple of silent retreats that i've executed in the past few years, i have skilled the effective cost of this type of paintings. besides the plain like switching off from the every day recurring, the obligations of work and the constant demand of elevating youngsters, there's an entire different size to it.

I stayed in our off-avenue, great cool camper on a farm in Robertson, a far flung location within the mountains of Cape town, South Africa. i used to be nestled in a fantastic valley with a pristine lake, in which I swam each day.

My aim become to revel in seven days of solitude and silence, and to water rapid, at the same time as i was writing my upcoming book "Unapologetically Me". that is my very own private inspirational story of the way I dropped guilt, shame, judgment, and blame and became a self-realised, switched on and colourful girl.

I aimed to close all the exits to the outside international in order that my energy kept circulating within me, with out distractions.

I wanted to sit down with my self and watch my inner sky, with the distance to notice the styles of my mind and the developing vacancy springing up in among them. I desired to clear and crystallise my thoughts and my frame so that I ought to emerge as an open channel for the words to drift thru me.

The silence part of it, I deeply loved and that i loved the privilege of rooting deeper into my being - paying attention to the sounds of nature.

As a storyteller, i love talking to humans and a retreat is a high-quality event for revitalisation. The water fasting became the most challenging part. I had to take each day as it got here, being absolutely gift inside the current moment and surrendering to the soreness.

there may be a effective exceptional of higher non secular connection while fasting and that was a top notch motivator to hold me going.

I feel that it's miles vital at times to discover lifestyles out of our comfort sector and i chose to select my ways.

i've noticed that those who are too connected to their comfort sector often get shaken out by means of spirit in a shape of an contamination, an accident, lack of activity, and many others.

it's far on this uncharted territory of the unfamiliar that our soul gets to make bigger and discover new qualities of the


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